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Mildred Kanipe's House makes
Restore Oregon's
Most Endangered Places list.


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Restore Oregon identifies important structures in Oregon that everyone agrees is important and must not be lost. Restoration projects have value in terms of preserving our history and culture, creating jobs, tourism, and Oregon as a travel destination. Finished restoration projects help to revitalize the surrounding areas and benefit business development. We are so pleased to have been choosen to receive help from Restore Oregon in preserving Mildred's childhood home.


The Roads into the Park's new Equestrian Campground is finished!

Next Step: Perimeter Fence to keep the cows out. Then the firepits, picnic tables and corrals!

Driveway to new Campground :Construction Nov 14 2014

Photo taken November 14, 2014 - Widening the entrance road


Forest Trail
Mildred's house - Originally built pre-1900

Our Mission

The mission of this organization shall be to provide volunteer services for the purpose of restoring, improving, maintaining and protecting the natural resources of the park such as land, plants and animals, the historic structures present in the park and other park improvements such as fences, restrooms, picnic areas, etc. for the purpose of providing recreational, educational and cultural experiences for the public, in accordance with the conditions of Mildred Kanipe’s Will and to raise funds to cover as much as possible of the related costs.

Mildred’s Gift

In 1983, Mildred Kanipe, a colorful woman farmer passed away, and left her beloved ranch to the public as a county park. Mildred’s gift included almost 1,100 acres of land consisting of pastures, creeks, rolling hills, orchards and forests. Historical structures include a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse, a farmhouse, and outbuildings. She wished the buildings to be preserved, a ranch museum developed, equestrian trails to be available and the land was to remain an animal refuge, the land and plants preserved.

The Friends’ Origins

In 2005, due to the financial burden, the Douglas County Commissioners were considering returning the park to the Mildred Kanipe Trust. People organized to help the park remain in the public domain and open to the people, and, The Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park Association, Inc. (501 c 3, nonprofit tax exempt) was created. We are committed to keep the park as public land for the enjoyment of the people.

Forest Trail
Trail through one of the park's beautiful forests

Our Community’s Treasure

Today the park has much to offer a visitor -


What we do

Colorful Peacock
Male peacock displaying his colors
Nature trail Work Party
Work Party building the Nature Trail


Latest news on Schoolhouse restoration

The Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park are pleased to announce a Grant Award from the C. Giles Hunt Charitable Trust for the English Settlement School Restoration Project. This grant will be used to replace the roof on the Schoolhouse. The Friends are extremely grateful for the continued support from the C. Giles Hunt Charitable Trust. 

We Can Use Your Help

We are supported by those who cherish Mildred’s land. Join The Friends or get involved and see how you can contribute to the park or become a volunteer.

Find the Park

Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park is located 8 miles northeast of Oakland, Oregon at 16513 Elkhead Road. Click here for map.

Together we help care for Mildred’s Land

Douglas County Historical Society
Oregon Cultural Trust
Douglas County Parks
Oregon Equestrian Trails
Friends of the Umpqua Hiking Group
Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District
Native Plant Society of Oregon
Historic Oakland
Roseburg Road Runners
Douglas County Cultural Coalition
Oregon Dressage Society
Bureau of Land Management
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Douglas Forest Protective Association
Wolf Creek Job Corps
Yoncalla High School
Wildlife Safari
American Bird Conservatory
Oakland Elementary and Middle School
The Northwest Youth Corps
Eagle Scouts
Douglas County Public Works

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